The Norwegian Non-Fiction Writers and Translators Association

In the 40 years the Norwegian Non-Fiction Writers and Translators Association has existed, it has distributed over one billion kroner (about 100 million euros) in grant funding and has contributed to the publication of over 6,000 books. Every year we distribute nearly 70 million kroner (about 7 million euros) in the form of grants.

With our 5,500 members, we are a broad-based organisation that brings writers and translators together with everything from biographies, teaching aids and textbooks to local history and current affairs books for adults, children and adolescents. This includes non-fiction, educational and professional literature.

The Association works to protect its members’ financial and professional interests, and to safeguard the freedom of expression. At our premises in central Oslo, close to the House of Literature, we hold workshops, seminars and meetings. In addition, the Houses of Literature in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim organise annual festivals and literature and non-fiction events.

Norwegian literature continues to conquer new ground internationally. Could it be because our vast forests, long fjords and mountains serve as an inspiration to writers?

Of course, it is primarily the authors and translators themselves who can take the credit for the excellent books they produce. But it hasn’t hurt that they also have an efficient management system for collective compensation funds in Norway. The library compensation funds and copy compensation funds that are part of Norwegian literature policy are key elements in ensuring that many authors have a sound economic basis. The Norwegian Non-Fiction Writers and Translators Association plays a vital role in this connection.

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